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Asbestos is made ​​up of a chemical group-type berfiber.Jenis metamorphic minerals such as asbestos, Amosit, Krisotil and tremolit. Asbestos fibers are composed of silikatmineral with different chemical composition. If inhaled, asbestos fibers settle in the lungs, which will cause scarring.

Inhaling asbestos can also cause thickening of the pleura (the membrane lining the lungs). Asbestos is resistant to fire, because fire resistance he has been used in many applications. But in addition to the benefits derived from these asbestos, asbestos can cause it or lead to various health problems, including cancer, malignant mesothelioma (pleural tumor) and other respiratory diseases berupaasbestosis.

Asbestosis is a respiratory disease that occurs because of asbestos fibers that enter the lungs, which results in extensive scar tissue. A person will suffer from a disease that occurs when the inhalation of asbestos that intentionally or unintentionally on the fibers.

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